Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Here’s an apology to the world for our electing Donald Trump

As an American citizen, I would like to apologize to the people of the world for what has happened in America. From their perspective, the… Continue reading

LETTER: Regarding Bannon’s ‘smearing,’ just look at the facts

Re: Cal Thomas’ column in the PDN’s Nov. 17 issue in which he says that Democrats are “smearing newly named White House counselor and chief… Continue reading

LETTER: As a Democrat, I feel never refuted nor repudiated

I see that county GOP chair Dick Piling claims (PDN; 11/10/16) that the election was “… a refutation [I think he meant “repudiation”] of the… Continue reading

LETTER: Don’t subscribe to the ‘sniveling brat’ theory; talk with a progressive or two

I cannot let the writer of the Nov. 16 letter “Sore losers” go unchallenged in its demeaning description of progressives as “sniveling brats.” The progressives… Continue reading

LETTER: Civility needed after such a contentious election

In reply to “Sore losers,” which was in reply to “Impending storm,” it really isn’t helpful to call your fellow Americans “sniveling brats” when they… Continue reading

LETTER: Recent letter writer got it wrong about progressivism, endorsements

The PDN’s Nov. 16 letter to the editor, “Sore losers,” ironically quoted P.J. O’Rourke’s negative views of progressivism when in fact in 2016, Mr. O’Rourke… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump’s appointment of Bannon presages threat to democracy

President-elect Donald Trump has selected Steve Bannon as his chief policy strategist. This has produced widespread alarm. Who is this man? Many of us were… Continue reading

LETTER: Make your voice heard by marching for women in January

The reality is that Hillary lost because she is a woman. She won all three debates resoundingly. We are far from having gender equality in… Continue reading

LETTER: Don’t take a narrow view of the election results

Don’t let the liberal media, Democrat spin-doctors or leftist rabble-rousers get away with making an issue of Trump not winning the popular vote. That is… Continue reading

LETTER: Let’s right this ship before it tips too far to the right or left

Contrary to popular opinion, the Founding Fathers did not script the Constitution to be a democracy. They formed it to be a republic. (“To the… Continue reading

LETTER: Prophect words from David Souter on PBS News Hour

[Retired] Supreme Court Justice David Souter on Sept. 14, 2012, on PBS News Hour spoke on the 225th anniversary of the Constitution and talked about… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump’s agenda will leave the middle class holding the bag

Sen. Harry Reid nailed it when he reminded the nation that Donald Trump is “a sexual predator who lost the popular vote.” Voters have said… Continue reading

LETTER: Unite for the common good because we sink or swim together

In the wake of our presidential election, we all need to take a deep breath as we come to grips with what just happened. If… Continue reading

LETTER: Here’s hoping our world changes for the betterment of all

These past months, I have kept my opinion to myself. Each of us has our own beliefs, our own value system, our own moral compass.… Continue reading

LETTER: Recent writers reveal pratings of progressivism

In the PDN’s Nov. 13 Commentary Page, two letters stand out: “Band together” and “Impending storm,” both of which may be relegated to the file… Continue reading

LETTER: Step up with courage, compassion post-election

Post-election, our children and grandchildren contacted us. One, a Hispanic medical student, feels devastated, disillusioned and fearful for our country’s future. My daughters and granddaughters… Continue reading

LETTER: Take time to visit a school

The 95th annual observance of American Education Week is this week. Our AEW tagline, “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility,” speaks to… Continue reading

LETTER: Where were the flags for Veterans Day in Port Angeles?

Friday morning 10 a.m. my husband and I took our coffee and drove downtown Port Angeles. We wanted to see all the flags for Veterans’s… Continue reading

LETTER: A new Day of Infamy

Nov. 8, 2016, will go down in history as a Day of Infamy. Did we truly choose to put a Godless, amoral hothead into the… Continue reading

LETTER: Starting a new plan on Elwha bridge ASAP the best option

Seems to me that picking a plan for the Elwha River bridge on U.S. Highway 101 (there’ve gotta be dozens) and starting it ASAP in… Continue reading