LETTER: Trump’s terrifying election a reminder of Berlin in the 1930s

On the anniversary of the 1938 pogrom known as “night of broken glass,” Americans elected a demagogue and clinical sociopath as president. He was endorsed by David Duke, former Grand Dragon of the KKK, who went to university to study German so he could read the original words of “the greatest genius who ever lived,” Adolf Hitler.

Mr. Duke said that not voting for Trump was “treason to your heritage.” Substitute the words “Mexicans” with “Jews” and “Muslims” with “Roma” and you have Berlin in 1933.

Mr. Trump compartmentalizes truth to fit an alternate reality.He was propelled into office by the least educated segment of the population. His presidency could make George W. Bush look almost statesman-like.

He “knows” more than the generals. The best and brightest from both parties and across a wide spectrum including current and former intelligence officials have said that he is not temperamentally fit for the job.

He wants to profile Muslim-Americans and bar others from entry. Will they be required to wear a yellow crescent on their cloths?

He wants to deport 11 million people. Will we have deportation squads that rip children from their families?

He was described as a moral degenerate by an evangelical leader.

No, we are not Berlin in 1933. But the hatred and hysteria that was unleashed in the 1938 pogrom was the result of a disaffected population who wanted a savior who would lead them to long-lasting happiness just by following his every command.

“If you don’t care about politics, politics will care about you” (Liu Xia).

Be scared, America. Be very scared.

Bart Kavruck,

Port Townsend