LETTER: ‘Genius’ not a word I would use to describe Trump not paying taxes

Think about this for a moment.

You are a married couple with a taxable income of $18,550, and your income taxes will be $1,855, according to the IRS.

Anything over that up to $75,300 is paid at 15 percent.

Keep in mind that a portion of every dollar you, I and every other taxpayer in this country pays goes to keep our military the finest and most powerful in the world.

Now, stop and think about the Republican candidate for president of the United States. He claims to be a billionaire yet refuses to let us see his tax returns.

Instead, he brags about not paying taxes, which, he says, makes him a genius.

In fact, the evidence coming to light now indicates that he has not paid any taxes in the past 18 years.

A lot of taxpayers may be wondering why the Republican Party selected a candidate who has not contributed one cent toward the defense of this country.

Genius is not the word that a lot of Americans who pay their taxes would use to describe Donald Trump.

Paul C. Cooper,