Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Brian Coughenour has the skill sets, guts to stay a great Superior Court judge

The Clallam official is a hard worker who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

LETTER: Choose freedom in rejecting I-1433

The minimum wage hike initiative is the same as past ones: misguided intentions with bad consequences.

LETTER: Endorsing I-732 will only garner more red tape, regulations

Why does Washington state, which has one of the lowest CO2 emission rates per person, need a carbon tax measure?

LETTER: I’m for Dave Neupert because, as he says, he ‘loves the law’

Everything about that statement showcases the Clallam Superior Court judge candidate’s qualifications and best qualities.

LETTER: It’s time we had a criminal justice system that serves us

Vote for Dave Neupert for Clallam County Superior Court judge to address the issues facing our veterans.

LETTER: Put Randy Johnson to work as Clallam commissioner

Randy’s plain talk and management style have not only shown his effectiveness but garnered him a wide array of endorsements from across the spectrum.

LETTER: Randy Johnson a selfless community leader

He’s the best candidate for Clallam commissioner because he cares and can keep us on the right track.

LETTER: Rep. Kilmer flim-flams on answer about corporate personhood

He hasn’t sponsored a House resolution similar to a constitutional amendment called for in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

LETTER: Vote Ron Richards to prevent timber interests from taking over Clallam board

Regardless of how you feel about the national election, be sure to cast your ballot for local positions.

LETTER: Dave Neupert the superior choice for Superior Court judge

The Clallam candidate has the poise and connections to the community that the position vitally needs.

LETTER: Gary Johnson my kind of candidate

The Libertarian presidential nominee has much more to offer than his opponents, especially in terms of the eternal kingdom.

LETTER: Here’s hoping for return to reason on timber issues

Ron Richards, a hopeful for Clallam commissioner, has less conflict of interest than his opponent.

LETTER: I won’t vote for GOP office-seekers who refuse to vote for Trump

I’ve written each Republican candidate a letter informing them of this.

LETTER: If you like the way things are going in this country, vote Democrat

They want to impose taxes, ban or take back guns and decide the future of your health care.

LETTER: Randy Johnson would offer fresh perspective to Clallam politics

Vote for him over his opponent for county commissioner.

LETTER: Those without sin should cast the first stone about Trump’s comments

Lyndon B. Johnson was deragotory about minorities but signed into law the Civil Rights Act. Should he not have been president?

LETTER: Vote Dave Neupert for a better way for our county

The Clallam Superior Court hopeful sees a positive way to improve on our community.

LETTER: Vote Hillary Clinton for a strong female president

She’s right on her proposed measures for education, equal pay and immigration reform.

LETTER: Vote Randy Johnson for a fresh take on old issues

His opponent for Clallam commissioner, Ron Richards, is entrenched in the old binary mind-set of politics and policies.