Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Readers should beware of prejudicial journalism of Cal Thomas

PDN Thursday columnist Cal Thomas says he had to stop going to the movies (“Not-So-Golden Globes,” Jan. 12 Commentary page) “because I grew tired of… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump nothing but a fox now in charge of the henhouse

On several occasions while campaigning, regarding big money in politics and corruption in Washington, Donald Trump stated that he would “drain the swamp.” Instead, he… Continue reading

LETTER: Veer from the path of destruction and accept Jesus Christ

If you were out in the deep, dark woods of the North Olympic Peninsula and you saw your beloved friend accidentally veering down a path… Continue reading

LETTER: Prepare for economy to take on more water as debt spirals upward

There’s a new captain of the Titanic. The ship hit the iceberg quite some time ago and has been taking in more and more water.… Continue reading

LETTER: Women’s Day march participants certainly weren’t that impressive

Were the Jan. 21 rallies impressive? It depends on who you ask. My guess is that more than half of the participants could not tell… Continue reading

LETTER: Recent letter displays ignorance of Obama’s achievements

A Jan. 15 letter to Peninsula Voices (“Obama ‘pathetic’”) demands a response. Former President Barack Obama did a fine job dealing with the economic meltdown… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump’s magnificent inauguration a harbinger of great things to come

In spite of threats made by the post-election malcontents including the entitlement crowd, “snowflakes” and professional agitators determined to disrupt the presidential inauguration ceremony and… Continue reading

LETTER: ‘Twitter president’ makes promises he can’t deliver on, including job creation

In stoking the fears and anger of U.S. manufacturing workers, Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to America. Here’s the problem: There is nowhere… Continue reading

LETTER: Anti-drug project should be closely followed for possible applications in Clallam

The scourge of addiction has swept America and Clallam County. Ameliorating its root causes seem like a “no-brainer” solution. Despite some heartwarming recovery successes, many… Continue reading

LETTER: Cal Thomas an ignorant choice as regular conservative columnist

I appreciate the fact that, as a local newspaper, the Peninsula Daily News tries to maintain a balance between liberal and conservative opinions. I do… Continue reading

LETTER: Here’s a better idea than Inslee’s daft carbon emissions tax proposal

hefty taxes on carbon emissions from fossil fuels for paying the education burden — is merely the best example… Continue reading

LETTER: It’s a better time for self-reflection than mocking Obama’s reign

Of late, I’ve read a few letters mocking President Obama, describing him as an “incompetent radical” [“Obama ‘pathetic,’” Jan. 15, Peninsula Voices] and portraying his… Continue reading

LETTER: Let’s help protect one of our most valuable commodities, local health care

Regardless of how you feel about the health care insurance controversy, I think we can agree we need to protect such valuable area resources as… Continue reading

LETTER: Say yes to a strong, healthy Sequim School District with levy vote

On Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, we have an opportunity to show our love for our children, our community and our schools. The election this time… Continue reading

LETTER: We must continue to support local children with Port Angeles schools levy

I write this letter from my heart, with experience in my background. I need to express the importance of levy support. Until the day when… Continue reading

LETTER: Anti-Obama letter displayed much bias but few sources

In the Jan. 15 letter to Peninsula Voices “Obama ‘pathetic,’” the writer uses many often-heard talking points and phrases without examples or sources for the… Continue reading

LETTER: Time to clean state House from corruptive influences

Our U.S. Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray were among 13 Democrats who recently voted against Senate Amendment 0178, which would have allowed the American… Continue reading

LETTER: Port Angeles levy helped my daughter succeed beyond school

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: When I say to people that my daughter played cello at Carnegie Hall or helped to… Continue reading

LETTER: Neo-evangelicals, Republican Party trying to speed up Second Coming

I would like to illuminate a, shall we say, trend that involves the Republican Party and a certain segment of the Christian neo-evangelical movement. This… Continue reading