LETTER: Port of Port Angeles commissioners hypocritical to favor a property tax increase

So, Port of Port Angeles Commissioners Colleen McAleer and Steve Burke want to raise our property tax rate [“Port Of Port Angeles Considers Tax Increase,” Oct. 28 PDN].

They justify this because the amount isn’t much, according to the article, so it shouldn’t be an issue for the taxpayer.

This cavalier attitude is a shining example of both the port’s lack of respect toward the public and its disregard for how they spend our money (remember former Executive Director Jeff Robb?).

Is the public aware that port employees enjoy the sweetest employment package offered by any employer on the Peninsula?

That while many of us struggle to pay our portion of our employee-offered health insurance and some do not have health insurance at all, port employees and their families have 100 percent subsidized health insurance?

The Port of Port Angeles offers an employment package that the rest of us haven’t seen in over a decade.

Port commissioners should not ask the hardworking citizens of Clallam County to take on yet another property tax rate hike until they have cut the fat from their own house.

Pamela Hawney,

Port Angeles