Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Port Townsend speaker betrays cultural streak of left to suppress free speech

The intellectual shallowness of Zhaleh Almaee Weinblatt of the Mandala Center for Change of Port Townsend shows through as she is trying to affix labels… Continue reading

LETTER: Here’s a simple solution that could have replaced costly wind turbines

On Dec. 8, Fox News on its website [www.foxnews.com] published an article regarding Port Angeles’ new, crowd-pleasing wind turbines [“Report: Costly Wind Turbines Projected To… Continue reading

LETTER: Some drivers taking cyclists’ ‘right of way’ too far

As an avid cyclist, I applaud our local motorists for generally being aware of, and polite to, their two-wheeled fellow users of the road. But… Continue reading

LETTER: A lament for low fish numbers

Winter chinook (blackmouth) season for sportfishermen has begun and is scheduled to continue through mid-April. With predominantly sub-legal salmon available, fishermen willing to brave the… Continue reading

LETTER: Sarcastic letter reminds me why I didn’t reach out post-election

Foolishly, I was swayed by those letters to the editor asking us to come together now that the election is over. We are all Americans,… Continue reading

LETTER: Keep raising questions, voices about racial attack in Port Angeles

Thank you for putting the July 17 hate-motivated attack in Port Angeles back in the public eye [“Still Wary After Racial Attack In PA; Four… Continue reading

LETTER: Regarding recent letter, Obama not devious, just devoted to daughter

Regarding the vitriolic Dec. 2-3 letter in Peninsula Voices, “Obama devious,” concerning Obama somehow influencing the government by remaining in Washington, D.C., after he leaves… Continue reading

LETTER: Could cars be leaving Port Townsend because workers can’t afford to live there?

The writer of the Dec. 2 letter in Peninsula Voices, “PT traffic,” asks if anyone has an idea about the lines of traffic coming in… Continue reading

LETTER: Clallam Economic Development Corp. has transformed the shape of the county

It’s a hidden gem within a complex of positive actions, hardline naysayers, unsung accomplishments and now sound local support, all rolled up into one organization:… Continue reading

LETTER: Give credit where credit is due: Thanks, Obama, for GOP’s rise

I never thought I would say this, but I would like to congratulate President Obama on a job well done. After all, his stated goal… Continue reading

LETTER: Obama needs to get the message that his advice, he himself not wanted

I recently heard on the news that Barack Obama said he is not going away after he leaves office. He plans to live in Washington,… Continue reading

LETTER: Port Townsend traffic just one long line of cars entering, exiting

Port Townsend is a small Victorian town at the end of the road. When you drive into town, the road ends at the end of… Continue reading

LETTER: A Christmas delight on Diamond Point Road

from the North Pole, I’m sure — Santa’s hardworking elves did it once more. Diamond Point Road is transformed… Continue reading

LETTER: So I’m a deplorable racist, sexist facist because I didn’t vote for Clinton

Let’s see if I understand what I’m reading in the newspaper and on social media, and hear on TV and the radio, regarding the outcome… Continue reading

LETTER: Bring back hatchery program to balance interests of salmon, orcas

One of the wonders of the world is the orca whale. Beautiful sight to see as they gracefully glide through the waters of the Strait… Continue reading

LETTER: Convention of States program can help re-establish limited government

Studying history, our Founding Fathers resolved that a republic best provided protection and preservation of God-given rights to life, individual liberty and private property. Nevertheless,… Continue reading

LETTER: Drop-in center helps the homeless, at risk, youths

The Answer For Youth (TAFY) is a drop-in center run by a small core of dedicated volunteers whose main goal in life is to give… Continue reading

LETTER: First Amendment still the gold standard

In the PDN’s Nov. 16 Commentary page, one letter stands out: “Sore losers,” which may be relegated to the file headed by “freedom of speech.”… Continue reading

LETTER: Electoral College prevents mob rule at the top

Progressives are now complaining that the Electoral College prevented the candidate with the most votes from winning. They argue that it’s not democratic and that… Continue reading

LETTER: Give a voice to the rest of Clallam on commissioner board makeup

I congratulate Randy Johnson and Clallam County that a well-qualified commissioner candidate can run and be elected in this county without a party label. But… Continue reading