Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Jeff Randall for Jefferson Public Utility District commissioner

Jeff’s leadership, teammwork and willingness to listen to others’ perspectives will get my vote.

LETTER: Vote for Ron Richards if you want accountability for Rayonier mess

Despite what a recent letter writer contends, his opponent, Randy Johnson, would have a potential conflict of interest in regards to matters with his former employer.

LETTER: Ron Richards a powerful voice against status quo

When party regulars tried to divert Opportunity Fund money to a private entity, Richards was there to voice his opposition — and won.

LETTER: Hillary Clinton a ‘repulsive’ human being

The November election is our only chance to turn around the country and prevent her from presiding over it.

LETTER: Liberals’ weak foreign policy agenda has undermined stability in the Middle East

A recent letter writer got it wrong when he blamed the situation on the media’s disengagement.

LETTER: Political correctness masks true extent of illegal immigration’s harm

There are 11 million illegal aliens in our borders? Why aren’t more people up in arms about that?

LETTER: Port Angeles dog owners acting like Californians

Pick up after your four-legged friends, people!

LETTER: Clinton a status quo kind of candidate

It’s time to realize that America is in crisis and there’s no middle ground for indecision.

LETTER: Vote for Randy Johnson for Clallam commissioner

Randy can cross political lines to get the job done.

LETTER: Recent Speaking Out responses reflect citizens’ confusion

… vote for the one who will do the least harm …

LETTER: PDN missed out on passing of great musician

Most of the people in and around Sequim and Port Angeles would recall Pete as a great entertainer …

LETTER: ‘Petty harassment’ ended Port Angeles fluoridation

I personally experienced that aggression last winter …

LETTER: Boat to Gaza aims to challenge Israeli blockade

Amal-Hope will set sail from Barcelona, Spain, in mid-September.

LETTER: Health care bridges the divide

Republicans and Democrats banded together recently to sign funding letters that declared health centers, which would include the one in Port Angeles, as models.

LETTER: I’m voting for Donald Trump, and here’s why

Who do you want representing you when the U.S. Supreme Court inevitably has an opening over the next four years?

LETTER: Minimum wage hasn’t kept pace with cost of living

In Switzerland, people set the standard of living, not capitalists.

LETTER: Is Trump a fascist?

Here are some of the startling qualities he exhibits that make me think so.

LETTER: Port Angeles council vote to end fluoridation continues strife

Aren’t there more important matters to care about?

LETTER: Fluoridation vote made for ‘a sad day’ in Port Angeles

Alleged bullying and threats may have led the City Council to stop water fluoridation.

LETTER: Park playground volunteer story shows what’s right about Port Angeles

The Mabrey family is working hard to save a valuable neighborhood asset.