Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Port of Port Angeles commissioners hypocritical to favor a property tax increase

So, Port of Port Angeles Commissioners Colleen McAleer and Steve Burke want to raise our property tax rate [“Port Of Port Angeles Considers Tax Increase,”… Continue reading

LETTER: ‘Genius’ not a word I would use to describe Trump not paying taxes

Think about this for a moment. You are a married couple with a taxable income of $18,550, and your income taxes will be $1,855, according… Continue reading

LETTER: Clallam County needs Randy Johnson for his business experience

For the past several years, our country and cities have been struggling to maintain public services with declining revenues. Our public school buildings and infrastructure… Continue reading

LETTER: Dave Neupert has passion, experience, education to be elected Clallam Superior Court judge

I have known Dave Neupert for over 15 years and have found him to be a thoughtful and trustworthy individual and attorney. He is running… Continue reading

LETTER: Here are what conservatives don’t stand for

A number of recent letters to the editor have sought to paint a picture of who and what Republicans and conservatives are and what they… Continue reading

LETTER: Ron Richards will represent all the people, not just timber interests

In 2013, under Clallam County commissioner candidate Randy Johnson’s leadership, Green Crow Corp. negotiated the large Foothills land exchange with the state Department of Natural… Continue reading

LETTER: Tribe’s endorsement of Dave Neupert for Superior Court judge wasn’t one-sided

I was surprised by the Nov. 3 letter in Peninsula Voices, “Coughenour No. 1,” that accused the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe of making a one-sided endorsement… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump self-proves he’s unfit to command our nation

Reputation, goes a favorite quote, is what others say about a person, but character is what a person does when no one is watching. Americans… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump takes us backward to worse times for the U.S.

The hypocrisy of the Republican Party in nominating Donald Trump, coupled with disturbing displays of nationalism and a seeming desire to return to life in… Continue reading

LETTER: U.S. government wasn’t founded on Christianity

The government of the United States “is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion,” President John Adams declared in the Treaty of Tripoli… Continue reading

LETTER: View the election as a means to come together, not engender division

If we see the election in terms of winners and losers, we miss the point of how a representative democracy is designed to work. Elected… Continue reading

LETTER: Clallam Superior Court hopeful Dave Neupert claims a veterans court is needed. Why?

If you know the facts about veterans therapeutic courts, you wonder why Clallam County District Court Judge Rick Porter is passionately advocating his friend Dave… Continue reading

LETTER: Dave Neupert has greatest skills to be Clallam Superior Court judge

I am proudly putting my support and vote behind Dave Neupert for Superior Court judge, Position 2, in Clallam County. Dave is not your run-of-the-mill… Continue reading

LETTER: Help retain Brian Coughenour as Clallam Superior Court judge

I am an attorney retired from the active practice of law. I am supporting Brian Coughenour’s retention as Superior Court judge. These are my reasons:… Continue reading

LETTER: Mike Chapman’s experience as a Clallam commissioner qualifies him to be state legislator

I have known Mike Chapman for a number of years. He has always impressed me with his ability to shed partisan politics and approach issues… Continue reading

LETTER: Ron Richards has my vote for Clallam County commissioner

Ron Richards lived across the street from my parents decades ago. Six years ago, he visited my mom at least twice in the nursing home… Continue reading

LETTER: Action needed to abate U.S. Highway 101-Happy Valley Road bottleneck

After waiting a considerable length of time for oncoming traffic and backing up a long line of traffic behind me, I made a stupid left… Continue reading

LETTER: As a state representative, Mike Chapman would be bipartisan

I’ll make this short. I urge you to vote for Mike Chapman for 24th District state representative. He has worked in a bipartisan way to… Continue reading

LETTER: Here’s why your vote really does matter

• To stop the people, special interests and corporations who are relentlessly using our political system to take what they want and make everybody else… Continue reading

LETTER: I support Brian Coughenour for Clallam Superior Court despite one-sided endorsements

In response to Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal Chairman/CEO Ron Allen’s Nov. 2 letter in Peninsula Voices [“Tribe for Neupert”], may it be known the Jamestown Tribal… Continue reading