LETTER: Here are what conservatives don’t stand for

A number of recent letters to the editor have sought to paint a picture of who and what Republicans and conservatives are and what they stand for.

While lacking in specifics or truth, they offer an opportunity for us to present some examples of what those with the (D) as their party affiliation stand for:

1. Unrestricted abortion right up to the moment of birth (the killing and dismemberment of unborn children seconds before birth, or partial birth abortion).

2. Open borders, sanctuary cities, thousands of Syrian refugees, with the resulting flow of legal and illegal immigrants with insufficient or no background checks.

3. Federal government $18 trillion in debt with trillions more likely.

4. Local and state land and water use regulations that steal the value of property and restrict economic development.

5. Legalizing marijuana.

6. Attacking religious and 2nd amendment freedoms.

7. Social engineers redefining everything from marriage to gender, being enabled by liberal judges right up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

8. Kindergartners in local public schools, beginning in 2017, will be taught that there are many different ways to express gender.

In today’s politically correct climate of gender redefinition, I assume this mean kindergartners will be taught it is normal for a girl to identify as a boy and a boy as a girl.

The list could go on and on.

You will find few if any Republicans or conservatives with their fingerprints on any of this.

Does every voter or politician with a (D) behind their name agree with all of this?

Probably not, but they empower those who do.

When was the last time you heard a politician with a (D) behind his name stand up publicly against any of this?

Carefully consider what you want your country, your state, your county, your city and your schools to be as you vote this year.

Ron Dearinger,

Port Angeles