LETTER: Re-elect Barney Burke to the Jefferson Public Utility District

The PUD commissioner has the temperament and strategic thinking to continue making the utility a job well done.

I have had the pleasure of working with Barney Burke on a variety of different committees and in his role as Jefferson County Public Utility District commissioner.

I have found that Barney’s combination of strategic thinking, attention to detail and calm temperament has been a huge asset to all the organizations he is part of, especially the PUD.

Examples of Barney’s insightful guidance to the PUD include his advocacy for a strategic plan that includes conservation and sustainability goals and assistance for low-income households, as well as his identification of long-term strategies to implement those goals.

These include encouraging electric vehicles and offering incentives for customers to switch from oil, propane or wood heat to efficient electric heat pumps, which would reduce carbon and boost PUD revenue.

Barney always keeps in mind that he represents a wide range of customers, with different priorities and financial situations, and he has consistently advocated for low-income customers.

He is both passionate and dedicated to the job, putting in 20 to 30 hours a week to do the job well.

He really does work for all of us.

Let’s re-elect him so he can continue to do so.

Cindy Jayne,

Port Townsend