Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Here’s why your vote really does matter

• To stop the people, special interests and corporations who are relentlessly using our political system to take what they want and make everybody else… Continue reading

LETTER: I support Brian Coughenour for Clallam Superior Court despite one-sided endorsements

In response to Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal Chairman/CEO Ron Allen’s Nov. 2 letter in Peninsula Voices [“Tribe for Neupert”], may it be known the Jamestown Tribal… Continue reading

LETTER: Jill Stein the only presidential candidate who’d help save our Earth

A letter to the editor published Thursday, “For Jill Stein,” was a clearly written summary of the 2016 Democratic presidential campaign. Letter-writer Therese “Tree” Stokan… Continue reading

LETTER: Ron Richards has his own shady ties to interest groups

Further comment on the topic of a letter to Peninsula Voices discussing the Clallam County commissioner campaign (“For Randy Johnson,” Peninsula Voices, Oct. 21) is… Continue reading

LETTER: Ron Richards will work for solutions together as Clallam commissioner

I met Clallam County commissioner candidate Ron Richards more than a year ago at a PA CAN [Port Angeles Citizen Action Network] park cleanup. We… Continue reading

LETTER: Vote for Ron Richards, a man of action and principles

I have known Clallam County commissioner candidate Ron Richards since the ’70s. He volunteered on the NO Oilport! board, a coalition to defeat an oil… Continue reading

LETTER: Vote to break the stranglehold liberals have on the state of Washington

Citizens of Clallam County, arise, get up. Exercise your right to vote, which is just another word for freedom. For too long, the western and… Continue reading

LETTER: We’re lucky to live in a country that supports the right of property owners

The writer of an Oct. 30 letter to Peninsula Voices from a self-described local organic farmer, “Working together,” would ask both Clallam County commissioner candidates,… Continue reading

LETTER: Be aware of carbon tax initiative proponent’s position on I-732

Bruce Lippke, professor emeritus of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences of the University of Washington, presented arguments that the forest product producers should… Continue reading

LETTER: Jamestown S’Klallam tribe supports Dave Neupert for Clallam Superior Court justice

The Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal Council, the elected body representing the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, has endorsed Dave Neupert in his bid for Clallam County Superior Court… Continue reading

LETTER: Justice Wiggin’s strong moral character merits re-election to state Supreme Court

A political action committee is throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat Justice Charlie Wiggins’ re-election to the state Supreme Court. The PAC claims… Continue reading

LETTER: Offensive Halloween displays mimic tragedies of the past

I enjoy the displays in front yards getting ready for Halloween but strongly protest the one that has two shrouded bodies hanging by the neck.… Continue reading

LETTER: Ron Richards the clear choice for Clallam County commissioner

Voters in the Clallam County commissioner election face a crucial decision as to who will help guide our future. Sadly, the PDN has provided little… Continue reading

LETTER: There’s no comparison between Harriet Tubman and Hillary Clinton; vote Jill Stein instead

Any comparison between Harriet Tubman and Hillary Clinton [“For Clinton,” Peninsula Voices, Oct. 21-22] must acknowledge their single-mindedness. Tubman’s life was devoted to freeing slaves… Continue reading

LETTER: Vote Dave Neupert to balance compassion, law

The Clallam Superior Court hopeful is the kind of judge we need to help the citizens of the county.

LETTER: Vote for Randy Johnson to ensure independent, superior leadership

The Clallam commissioner hopeful has the business acumen and diligence to make a difference in the county.

LETTER: Dave Neupert far and away the best candidate for Clallam Superior Court

His commitment to community and ideas for the court — modernization and a Veterans Court — make him the best choice.

LETTER: Voting for Brian Coughenour

I write this letter in support of Brian Coughenour for Superior Court judge in the upcoming election. I have known Brian for 25 years and… Continue reading

LETTER: Randy Johnson’s critics unable to see forest for the trees

The Clallam commissioner hopeful’s background with Green Crow blinds all to his accomplishments.

LETTER: Ron Richards would bring balance to the Clallam Board of Commissioners

The candidate has a broad range of experience and would bring solid leadership to the county.