Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Vote for Port Angeles levy to keep up skills, tools children need

We have always felt very fortunate that our children were able to receive a quality education in the Port Angeles School District. The academic programs… Continue reading

LETTER: We can — and should — do better on Clallam herbicide use

In response to the first sentence of the Jan. 29 letter “Common sense,” the first sentence, “It was unanimous” [that Clallam County will use herbicides… Continue reading

LETTER: Bed-and-breakfasts cause nothing but trouble for neighbors

When a new bed-and-breakfast is added to an established neighborhood, it definitely has an impact on the dynamics of that neighborhood, whether fully licensed and inspected or not.

LETTER: Hypocrisies of Democratic policies exposed with reaction to Trump’s travel ban

In 1942, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D) [for Democrat] signs an executive order to round up and imprison Japanese-American citizens. Riots, protests, demonstrations? No. In… Continue reading

LETTER: Help fund school construction by renewing Sequim School District levy

The Feb. 14 special election brings forward two issues that need the support of Sequim School District voters: the education programs and operations (EP&O) levy… Continue reading

LETTER: We need more details on how we’ll pay for Trump’s border wall

President Donald Trump has promised to build a wall along the Mexican border and to get Mexico to pay for it. The two points in… Continue reading

LETTER: Fact-Free Diet the healthiest way to reduce your Intelligence Quotient

For years, health advisers have advocated following a proper diet. We have all heard the admonitions, such as “you are what you eat,” “too much… Continue reading

LETTER: I agree with a letter writer that a lack of fact should concern all readers

The Jan. 20-21 letter in Peninsula Voices, “Defends Obama,” was right on. It should have been titled “Obama Assertions, Backup Data Not Included.” Like Dr.… Continue reading

LETTER: ‘Big Pharma’s’ buying the vote just another good reason for political shakeup

In the Jan. 20-21 letter to the editor in Peninsula Voices, “Drug prices,” the writer says that U.S. Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray were… Continue reading

LETTER: Here’s an option for those of you who oppose abortions

To those of you who do not agree with abortion, here is a solution for you: All of you take your savings and build orphanages.… Continue reading

LETTER: Here’s hoping history won’t repeat itself with Trump’s presidency

Democracy at work with a new president. Cheers by those emboldened by the change in power. Jeers by those who feel desperation. A quote from… Continue reading

LETTER: Here’s how to fund education without imposing costs on businesses

Gov. Jay Inslee yet again wants to spend billions of dollars of other people’s money, this time ostensibly to comply with the state Supreme Court’s… Continue reading

LETTER: Inslee’s death penalty moratorium wasteful, shameful

Gov. Jay Inslee’s 2014 moratorium on state executions is wrong, foolish, stupid and shameful. His recent reprieve for the May 3, 1996, death sentence of… Continue reading

LETTER: Let your voice be heard on Trump’s dictatorial power grab

Is this what a dictatorship looks like? The president signed an order forbidding entry of certain people to the United States. It was effective immediately… Continue reading

LETTER: Our great nation required a free and independent press

The press is the opposition and should keep their mouths shut, according to Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s adviser. Really? We have listened to Trump’s… Continue reading

LETTER: Support our children’s educational opportunities with Port Angeles levy renewal

What are the schools like? That’s one of the first questions heard from out-of-area homebuyers considering Port Angeles. Their concern is understandable. The education of… Continue reading

LETTER: Thank God the American electorate has consigned Obama legacy to dustbin

In rebuttal to the Jan. 29 letter in Peninsula Voices, “Will miss Obama,” Obama did not lead the country “out of a serious financial crisis.”… Continue reading

LETTER: We need a broader definition on what pro-life means

unless circumstances warrant one. I am certain those who oppose abortion mean well. However,… Continue reading

LETTER: ‘Duh, Hey!’ awards go to dollar-driven entities contributing to salmon’s demise

It’s awards season again, folks. That’s the “Duh, Hey!”awards in particular. It’s been awhile, so here we go. Our first Duh, Hey! this year goes… Continue reading