Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Clallam going backward in herbicide use

The county says it wants to spot spray, but that won’t stay in one place. It rains here, after all.

LETTER: Despite differences at national levels, Randy Johnson can make a difference here

The Clallam commissioner candidate can make our country work on the local level.

LETTER: Help make veterans court a reality in Clallam County

I support Dave Neupert for county Superior Court judge. He’ll help out our heroes.

LETTER: Help turn this blue state red Nov. 8

Hillary Clinton’s governance machine would control us in a matter of weeks.

LETTER: It’s that time again to read some convoluted ballot language!

I proposed initiatives that are short, sweet and easy to read.

LETTER: Keep Brian Coughenour on Clallam Superior Court

Judge a man by his actions, not his appearance, as one letter writer appears to have done.

LETTER: More help available to those in need across Clallam County

Our community helps in so many ways. Here are just a few.

LETTER: These candidate have the ‘right stuff’ to make a difference in Clallam County

Steve McLaughlin, Randy Johnson and Dave Neupert “get” the needs of rural communities like ours and what draws high-wage jobs here.

LETTER: Trump unfit to be president mainly due to party preference

The GOP’s platform of little regulation, small government and lower taxes helped shove us into the 2008 recession.

  • Oct 30, 2016

LETTER: Vote Tim Thomas for a fiscally responsible Jefferson commissioner

Past commissioners have been negligent in getting a Tri-Area sewer project to break ground.

LETTER: Wake up, America, and see the difference between Bible, government

One recent example: The Bible says marriage between same sexes is an abomination, yet the Supreme Court recently make it the rule of the land.

LETTER: We need Ron Richards, a candidate who can see the diversity in government

The Clallam commissioner hopeful can break us out of the status quo and into a better future.

LETTER: What has Randy Johnson does for me?

I support Ron Richards for Clallam commissioner because I see him all around town working to do some good.

LETTER: A vote for Danille Turissini is a vote for the people

The state Senate candidate is running for you, not against her opponent.

LETTER: After election, we need to concentrate on coming together

We need to make it crystal clear that only following the party line is unacceptable and divisive.

LETTER: Brian Coughenour an oustanding candidate for Clallam Superior Court

His well-rounded accomplishments and empathy are unparalleled. I urge voters to vote for him.

LETTER: Carbon tax initiative will save you in the short term, long run

Starting next year, I-732 would place a $15-per-ton tax on fossil fuels and provide $1,500 for low-income working families.

LETTER: Common sense gun laws? Since when have criminals obeyed laws?

Just look at recent stories in the Peninsula Daily News and Chicago Tribune.

LETTER: I stand by my man, Donald Trump

But Hillary Clinton and I are quite different in how we do that.

LETTER: Media hype of Oct. 8 storms shows media at its worst

It’s indicative of the press’ handling of global warming, too.