Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Enjoyed story about ‘Star Wars’ enthusiast

Thanks for running the story on Jon Gray and his love of Star Wars toys [“Sequim Man’s Star Wars Collection Out Of This World,” Dec.… Continue reading

LETTER: The real problem in this country is closed minds

The Dec. 18 letter in Peninsula Voices, “Liberal hypocrites,” deserves a response because it illustrates a core problem in our current practice of democracy. In… Continue reading

LETTER: What Trump does not destroy, climate change will

Trump supporters are gloating over their victory and the anticipated dismantling of our current civilian and democratic structures, structures that the right-wing has trained them… Continue reading

LETTER: Community should consider noise threat to orcas in Port Angeles harbor

According to Ken Balcomb, director of the Friday Harbor Center for Whale Research, at least five JPod southern resident orca whales died this year (Dec.… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump is known for what he does say

The letter writer who after the election is feeling safer (“Feel safer now,” PDN, Dec. 19) starts by bashing President Obama for not saying “Islamic… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump acts like he is above the law

Mr. Trump says that his is not part of the establishment. Unfortunately, he is not talking about the political establishment, he is talking about the… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump understands while Obamas are in denial

First Lady Michele Obama is almost as entertaining and in denial as her husband, President Barack Obama. Michele says because Donald Trump was elected to… Continue reading

LETTER: Be thankful for Navy jets doing training

To the folks who whine and complain about the Navy jets: Understand that the pilots of the aircraft are training and practicing to protect you… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump is still a bully

All U.S. intelligence agencies are unanimous that the Russians hacked our Nov. 8 election. Donald Trump himself covertly collaborated by loudly and repeatedly attacking Hillary… Continue reading

LETTER: Disappointed in Port Angeles School Board for voting in new sex education program

When my friend Bill told me in the coffee shop that the Port Angeles School Board was about to adopt a new sex-education program with… Continue reading

LETTER: Port Angeles School District’s new sexuality training program makes kids guinea pigs

I’ve been noticing a few things about the FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health) sexuality training that the Port Angeles School Board voted in [“Port… Continue reading

LETTER: I feel safer now that Trump is in office, reign of Obama is over

Feel safer now I didn’t think it could get any worse than the Clintons’ scandals, but that was before the eight years of Obama. It… Continue reading

LETTER: Get ready for a repeat of 1930s Berlin with Trump’s presidency

A comparison of the hatred and violence in Nazi Germany from 1933-38 to the potential repeat of history from the Trump presidency, as I pointed… Continue reading

LETTER: Hypocrisy of liberals evident in past diatribes against Bush

Oh, the hypocrisy. I see the liberals are now saying, “Don’t blame us for all that is going to go wrong” (according to them). No… Continue reading

LETTER: Protection of paramount importance, not necessarily recreation in park

Regarding complaints of jet noise in Olympic National Park: The park consists of trees, mountains and trails. How pristine and beautiful would the area be… Continue reading

  • Dec 18, 2016
  • By Leah Leach Peninsula Daily News

LETTER: So-called ‘Christians’ have no moral ground from which to preach

Especially at Christmastime, how deplorable to see the gang of old men who hang around at Fifth and Henrickson avenues with signs against abortion “in… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump voters should tale a second look at Trump’s ‘second team’

Those of you who voted for Donald Trump should be proud of the “second team” that Donald Trump has nominated for Cabinet positions. Andy Puzder,… Continue reading

LETTER: Christ our Savior should be shared more with others

If Jesus is really our best friend, then why is it we rarely speak of him or introduce him to others? If he were really… Continue reading

LETTER: Port Angeles wind turbines likely to be a costly lesson in wasteful spending

Your recent article regarding the wind turbines [“PA Wind Turbines Generate Regret,” PDN, Dec. 4] certainly caught my attention and should generate more than regret.… Continue reading

LETTER: Jet noise would damage pristine beauty of Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a sanctuary for residents like me and the many visitors to our region. Entrepreneurs and locals have worked tirelessly to create… Continue reading