LETTER: Dave Neupert best candidate for Superior Court judge in Clallam

He has a rich understanding of the community and the many types of people who might go through the judicial system.

I’m voting for Dave Neupert to be our next judge for Clallam County Superior Court.

The reasons are many, but let me share just a handful with you.

Dave Neupert has been engaged in our community from the moment he moved to Port Angeles over 25 years ago.

Over the years, he has served on numerous boards of many of our nonprofit organizations and volunteered hundreds of hours working to improve delivery of services and efficient operations.

Currently, Dave sits on the boards of United Way, Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County and Peninsula Behavioral Health.

He has served as president of the Pro Bono lawyers of Clallam County and recently retired as the president of Clallam Public Defender.

In addition, he has been president of the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Clallam County Bar Association.

For me, it’s all about community service.

But more than that, Dave’s experiences have given him a broad understanding of the lives of people who live in Clallam County and may come in contact with the judicial system.

He also has gained a rich understanding of resources available to members of our communities.

I think it is important that the judge who is making rulings about a person’s fate knows their community.

In this instance, Dave Neupert is that candidate.

Jody Moss,

Port Angeles

Moss is the former executive director of United Way of Clallam County.