LETTER: Stop blaming each other and join ranks against destructive Trump policies

Regardless of why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump and whether one should have invested more or any time and energy in promoting Hillary over Trump or Jill Stein, for that matter, makes no difference now. The alienated white working class of the rust belt and the rural vote put Trump over the top.

Two powerful elements remain. One is a social contract called the Democratic platform of 2016. This document is the most progressive plan for social, economic, political and environmental change this country has ever produced.

The second is a heterogeneous group made up of people of color, activist women, working class and poor folks, immigrants, LGBTQ people and survivors who potentially constitute a mass movement for implementing change from the bottom up.

Now, Trump and his associates view the issues advocated in the platform and the group of people previously mentioned as a real threat to their oligarchy. They will fan the fire of discord among us progressives to keep us from uniting in solidarity and thereby allow Trump to appoint his fascist administration to carry out his vengeful scorched-earth policies to maintain control and destroy and privatize what social and economic programs we now enjoy.

We, on the other hand, must stop the self-righteous blaming and scapegoating of each other over the current loss and join ranks in a collaborative struggle to bring about a political revolution from the bottom up to protect the Earth and ourselves from Trump’s bankrupt, narcissistic and Machiavellian appetite for winning at all costs.

Bill Kildall,

Port Angeles