Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Trump, GOP the party of lies and misdirection

Trump’s scorched-earth campaign is an extension of the Republican Party’s strategy over the past decade of obstructionism.

LETTER: We need to know where lawmakers stand on Trans-Pacific Partnership

It’s impossible to balance the federal budget with cumulative trade deficits of $9 trillion as a drag on the economy.

LETTER: A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for values, not the lesser of two evils

The Green Party candidate has taken no money from Wall Street and supports many of the platforms Bernie Sanders did.

LETTER: We support Randy Johnson for Clallam commissioner

His reputation and values make him a fine candidate for the office.

LETTER: Danille Turissini a fine choice for state Senate

The “independent GOP” candidate agrees with me on two vital things: transgenders in restrooms and no to a state income tax.

LETTER: Dave Neupert integrity, court decisions above reproach

His just rulings make him supremely well-qualified to join Clallam Superior Court.

LETTER: Initiative 1491 would violate due process

The extreme-risk protection order measure would allow ex-parte hearings that benefit only one person: the accuser.

LETTER: Pro-Ron Richards letters push wishful thinking over substantive arguments

Thinking in partisan terms is certainly easier than seeing the complexities of a campaign.

LETTER: Randy Johnson will bring fresh ideas, perspective to county government

The Clallam commissioner candidate has a better approach than his challenger, Ron Richards.

LETTER: This election may be our last chance to save our country

You may not like our choices, but a Trump win will ensure America’s greatness.

LETTER: We can’t afford not to vote this November

I say enough is enough due to legislative inaction on gun violence since the Sandy Hook shootings.

LETTER: Accusations of unfair advantage are unfair

I am disturbed by the author’s insinuation that Lynden Christian High School unfairly recruits star athletes.

LETTER: Climate change due to biblical prophecy, not man-made acts

Climate change goes further than Al Gore and his opportunistic political cronies.

LETTER: How to be a winner

Event showcases why winners win.

LETTER: It’s time to realize Port Angeles’ full potential

Recent event was exactly what Port Angeles needed.

LETTER: Kudos to everyone who makes students’ trip to NatureBridge possible

The two-night, three-day trip by sixth-graders gives them an appreciation for nature that not many throughout our nation get to enjoy.

LETTER: Port Townsend family’s good deeds detailed in ‘Back When’ column

We were delighted to learn of the Pluts’ many contributions and their legacy.

LETTER: Citizens group found a way to save, expand Port Angeles pool district

The city operated the district until 2009. Why was it going to shut it down before?

LETTER: Hats off to Port Angeles chamber, business for sponsoring motivational speaker

Who knows how many young sports hopefuls were inspired by the nationally renowned Trevor Moawad during his recent visit?

LETTER: A yes vote on Initiative 732 our best way of preserving fisheries

The carbon tax measure would put a price on using carbon versus clean energy.