LETTER: Obama accomplished a great many things

In response to Clallam County Republican Party Chairman Dick Pilling’s sarcastic, smarty-pants Dec. 4 letter about the “accomplishments” of President Barack Obama [“Thanks, Obama”], the truth is that in spite of being blocked by an unusually obdurate Congress, Obama accomplished a great many things for the good of American working people.

Here are a few of them:

• Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, cut taxes for 95 percent of America’s working families.

Tax rates for average working families are now the lowest since 1950.

• As of October 2016, there was a record 73 consecutive months of overall job growth, and 80 consecutive months of private sector job growth.

• As of August 2016, unemployment had dropped below 5 percent for the first time in eight years.

• In April 2016, new unemployment claims hit the lowest level since November 1973.

In September 2016, they remain at 43-year low, lower than any time during “Saint” Ronald Reagan’s administration.

• Since February 2010, when unemployment peaked, 15.6 million non-farm private sector jobs have been created.

Contrary to GOP rhetoric, most of the new jobs created have been full-time, not temporary.

• Pushed through Dodd-Frank, biggest Wall Street reform since the Great Depression; stock market reached record high, restoring economic losses felt during the Bush Recession.

• Endorsed and supported Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2009, closing offshore tax avoidance loopholes.

• Signed American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act, preventing companies from sending jobs overseas.

These are the kinds of advances made during a Democratic presidency after a Republican one has drained the economy and screwed over the working class.

I’m sure we’ll see it again, probably sooner than later.

Tracy McCallum,

Port Angeles