LETTER: It is our obligation to participate at every level of government

There was great interest in the 2016 presidential election.

I am hoping that citizens of Clallam County will be just as interested in the important local election coming up in February.

Three school districts — Sequim, Port Angeles and Quillayute Valley — will be asking for you to support public education in Clallam County.

I was quite distressed when I found out that we would not be here for the election and want to pass along information to you on how you can vote if you will be out of the country or traveling.

The Clallam County Auditor’s Office (360-417-2221) is very helpful.

If you are not home, you can go to www.myvote.wa.gov and get a ballot online.

It’s certainly more of a hassle than just dropping it in a local box or mailing it, but if you have a Wi-Fi connection and printer, you can still vote.

When we live in a democracy, it is not just our right to have a say but it is our obligation as citizens to participate at every level of government, not just national elections.

Public education is why our democracy works, and I challenge everyone to count the people you know who benefited from public schools.

Is there anyone who hasn’t?

Please vote and support our schools.

Linda Benson,


EDITOR’S NOTE: Ballots will be mailed to voters Jan. 25 for Feb. 14 levy elections in the Port Angeles, Sequim and Quillayute Valley school districts.