LETTER: Let’s make a change, a change based on us and them

We have lost our sense of community and concern for our fellow human, our sense of compassion and understanding, the openness of heart and of mind we are born with as children.

We no longer look to each other for that help, support and love for which we long.

We should not, and cannot, let our humanity, compassion and our innate care for one another be broken by the depiction of the world that we are lead to believe.

Social media outlets are engineered to draw us in.

We have this illusion of being “in touch” through likes and views and sure, we know when family is getting married and can keep in touch with friends we met while on vacation.

I truly cherish this ability, and yet we have become more segregated.

We gravitate toward the like-minded and disregard that which differs.

Words have power, and as we have learned, strength can be found in how these outlets are used, the intent.

Let’s make a change, a change based on us and them, not us vs. them, a change that will lift each other up, not tear each other down, a change to remind us, — our sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, all of humankind — of the goodness still out there in this world.

With each interaction, we will remind each other someone is out there for us, that a community of compassionate, understanding, open-minded and open-hearted people still endures.

As each day passes I am reminded that we must be the change that we want to see in the world.

With all the negativity out there, I hope to remind each of us of the inherent good we all possess.

Tyrone Beatty,