LETTER: Reader criticizes Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan, the Peninsula Daily News’ Tuesday columnist, praises Vladimir Putin as an “ethnonationalist” who is “standing by kinfolk left behind when his country broke apart” and wonders, “Has Putin no right to be concerned about his lost countrymen?”

Putin’s country that broke apart, was, of course, the totalitarian empire of the Soviet Union and few people outside of Russia lament its demise.

Putin’s sympathy for his “lost countrymen” reminds me of nothing so much as Hitler’s so-called concern for Germans supposedly suffering oppression in Czechoslovakia and Poland.

But, of course, Pat Buchanan would have been among the isolationist apologists for Hitler had he been around back then, just as he is now a Putin sympathizer and a cheerleader for “tribalism.”

This is the company Trump keeps.

Marc Sullivan,