LETTER: Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being

The Dec. 18 letter in Peninsula Voices, “Christian Action” needs a response.

The “old men hanging around,” as the letter writer called them, at Fifth Avenue and Hendrickson Road in Sequim are protesting abortion, using Jesus’ name on their signs because Christ does not approve of the wrongful death of anyone, especially an innocent baby.

While nothing is written in the Bible about abortion per se, one of the Ten Commandments is clear: Thou shalt not kill.

Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being.

The programs from Planned Parenthood are all negated by the fact that its founder, Margaret Sanger, had a warped belief system, and was said to believe in eugenics.

This thinking has encouraged Planned Parenthood to justify abortion as a right thing to do.

Throughout Clallam County, there are churches supporting the poor on a daily basis, as do agencies like Salvation Army and Serenity House.

Private organizations such as My Choices make it their life’s mission to support mothers and their unborn babies as well as mothers with children already born.

The writer says that it is “easy to stand around on the sidewalk, feeling self-righteous.”

Has the writer ever stood on the sidewalk in the winter cold or in summer heat holding a sign to support a cause?

My friends and I have.

It’s not about being self-righteous.

It’s about being humble and standing strong for a belief that in this country, mothers and their unborn babies are to be loved and supported all the way.

Virginia O’Donnell,

Port Angeles