LETTER: Defending FLASH program from letter writers

I am writing this in strong disagreement with two recent letters that disagree with our Port Angeles School Board’s support of the FLASH [Family Life and Sexual Health] sex education curriculum.

After chortling about the name, the writer of the Dec. 22 letter [“FLASH program”] includes as its only real content the following: “The parts I object to are the underlying assumptions and the agenda ideas which the FLASH curriculum advances.”

I, on the other hand, found that I strongly support the following, which I found at www.etr.org/flash:

“The FLASH curriculum is based on the Theory of Planned Behavior.

“It is designed to support young people in making healthy choices: abstain from sex, use protection when they do have sex, seek health care when they need it, communicate effectively with their families and respect others’ decisions not to have sex.”

The writer of the Dec. 21 letter [“Sex education”] says, “I see it’s based on a theory.

“And what is a theory?

“A concept that has not been verified.”


Some of the best known theories in science have been extensively verified.

Bill Marsh,

Port Angeles