Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Congress should help save our country by implementing 25th Amendment

We have a president only ruling by edict. He expects everyone to follow every statement he makes. If you don’t, he will attempt to embarrass… Continue reading

LETTER: Virtual immigration, or ‘offshoring,’ the real threat for American workers

President Donald Trump has fully demonstrated his total ignorance of the real immigration issue with the proposed estimated $21 billion wall along the Mexican border.… Continue reading

LETTER: Jews fleeing Nazis didn’t shirk their duty by leaving homeland, and neither are Syrian refugees

Immigrants fleeing their homeland will become a burden, and many harbor an intent to harm the United States. Closing our borders will force those fleeing… Continue reading

LETTER: About all most of us can do is write letters

I like a shiny diversion as much as the next guy, but has anyone else noticed that while our gaze is turned toward the travel… Continue reading

LETTER: Reader finds commissioner’s letter to be morally obtuse

I read Clallam County Parks and Recreation District 1 Commissioner Jan Richardson’s Feb. 12 letter to the Peninsula Daily News concerning refugees with incredulity. He… Continue reading

LETTER: GOP holds itself to a different set of standards on upholding Constitution

The sudden death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia created an immediate vacancy on the most important court in the United States. Article II,… Continue reading

LETTER: I really don’t have anything to complain about, living in majesty of Peninsula

I don’t know if this letter will get published in the Peninsula Daily News’ “echo chamber,” but I’m going to write it anyway. I just… Continue reading

LETTER: Let lawmakers know that protections of Dodd-Frank shouldn’t be gutted

Years ago, my father bought an annuity that had a severe financial penalty if he activated it before seven years. Unfortunately, almost before the ink… Continue reading

LETTER: Our country now led by a despot and his greed-mongering cronies

Our president is an egomaniacal, twittering despot. He would prefer a system of taxation with retribution for anyone who does not agree with him. His… Continue reading

LETTER: Our nation’s leader could be the one to cause World War III

The leader of our nation is causing so much havoc, it could lead to another world war. This war will be on our shores. The… Continue reading

LETTER: Passing Sequim levy along with liberal agenda is too high a price to pay

Shortly after the school levy failed last year, the Sequim School School Board asked and invited the opposition to please come to a meeting and… Continue reading

LETTER: Social leveling victimizes the very people it’s supposed to benefit

Plato said, “Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free.” Taxation, regulation and control diminish competition, vital to provide the best quality, variety… Continue reading

LETTER: We shouldn’t reward migrants’ cowardliness with sanctuary

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it say that the United States of America is the depository for those who shirk their duty to control… Continue reading

LETTER: Death penalty a wasteful, barbaric practice that shouldn’t persist

It’s sad that many people, like the writer of the Feb. 5 letter to Peninsula Voices [“Death penalty”], support the barbaric, uncivilized death penalty. In… Continue reading

LETTER: EMT’s compassionate care saved my life

On Nov. 28, my husband called 9-1-1 for assistance. I had fallen and could not get up. The emergency medical technicians arrived and checked me… Continue reading

LETTER: Help pay it forward by supporting Port Angeles levy renewal

Our youngest child graduates from Port Angeles High School in June this year, and I realize that this [Feb. 14 Port Angeles School District levy]… Continue reading

LETTER: Nuclear power the obvious solution to help stave off global warming

A letter writer to Peninsula Voices on Jan. 31 (“Climate change”) states, “Donald Trump may in fact threaten human civilization by setting in motion runaway… Continue reading

LETTER: Snowgrass Festival was enjoyed by all despite band members’ illness

Well, another successful Snowgrass Bluegrass Festival on Jan. 21 in Port Angeles has come and gone and was enjoyed by all attendees. Having gotten a… Continue reading