LETTER: What Trump does not destroy, climate change will

Trump supporters are gloating over their victory and the anticipated dismantling of our current civilian and democratic structures, structures that the right-wing has trained them to despise.

However, the rest of the world apprehends the end of a political era and possibly the end of a geologic eon.

What Trump does not destroy, climate change will.

Trump has nominated a cabinet of corporate zillionaires, military generals and anti-science shills.

The ascendancy of corporate and military over civilian authority is the defining mark of fascism, not democracy.

Many of Trump’s cabinet nominees are hostile to the purposes of their assigned agencies.

Trump’s staff reportedly met with Russian government officials during the election season.

The Russians have confirmed this contact with Trump, thereby underscoring Trump’s hostility to election integrity and current U.S. geopolitical alliances.

His bloviating rallies are intended to keep his political base an intimidating force to Democrats, Republicans and journalists alike.

Worse, Trump’s misinformed tweets suggest he is itching for war, against Islamic states — or China.

Or maybe all of the above.

However, in an era when sci-fi-level weaponry is sold and deployed all over the world and proxy skirmishes proliferate daily, history teaches us that nobody wins.

Trump is a dangerous child and no match for Putin.

A dark age begins.

Judith Parker,