Letters to the Editor

A timber management history lesson

Timber harvest volumes from public lands … have never recovered from the dual endangered species shocks …

LETTER: There’s no comparison in comparing the two presidential candidates

Hillary Clinton is far and above the more honest and hard-working of the two.

LETTER: Vote for Initiative 732 to help save birds and thus the planet

The measure on a carbon tax would help deter burning fossil fuels, the main contributor to climate change.

LETTER: Don’t be suckered in by the character assassinations of Hillary Clinton

The GOP has spent close to $80 million investigating the Clintons and coming up with nothing.

LETTER: Don’t enslave yourself; vote Republican

The Democrats are hoping a carbon tax will bring Mother Nature to heel.

LETTER: How can Hillary claim to care about American children?

Her policies encourage illegal immigrants and refugees to take our jobs for a lower wage while illegally benefiting from the system.

LETTER: I predict Trump will pull out of the race by mid-October

The Republican presidential nominee loses in the Electoral College race as opposed to the popular vote and will refuse to concede a loss to Hillary Clinton.

LETTER: Say to Initiative 1433 on the minimum-wage hike

The measure would, according to some, produce a greater benefit and offset any costs rather than living the minimum wage $7.25 an hour.

LETTER: Trump used tax benefit exclusive to real estate developers to his benefit

We need to send a message on Election Day that this potential avoidance of paying taxes for nearly two decades is unacceptable and untenable.

LETTER: Vote Larson, DeWolf and Zempel for state Supreme Court justices

These candidates will bring the Constitution and checks and balances back to the fore at the state high court as opposed to partisanship.

LETTER: Randy Johnson would be invaluable in linking timber with job creation

The Clallam County commissioner candidate has a background that would help ensure local benefits.

LETTER: Learn the ‘why’ before voting

Don’t simply take disparagements for facts. Learn the “truth” behind the accusations.

LETTER: Ron Richards the best man for the job

His run as Clallam County commissioner will be marked by fiscal conservatism and adherence to integrity and the people.

LETTER: Make your voice heard by voting

Oct. 10 is the last day to register to vote in this election, unless you’re new to Washington.

LETTER: Randy Johnson brings people together

Vote for him as Clallam County commissioner because he has a track record in working to make our community a better place.

LETTER: Vote for Ron Richards, who represents the people

Randy Johnson has tried to blame mill closures on the state, rather than on private timber companies like the one he has ties to.

LETTER: A ‘Fox News pox’ has infected Hillary haters

The Obama administration inherited a war based on lies and a terrorist group that spawned from it. Why aren’t we more angry over that?

LETTER: Some suggestions for television debates

Why not take the camera off the person who isn’t answering the question or rebuttal?

LETTER: A Ron Richards vote profits all citizens

The Clallam commissioner candidate, in addition to having a well-rounded background, will tackle issues affecting our quality of life.

LETTER: Congressman Kilmer trying to light a fire under Congress

The representative has put forth a bill that would require lawmakers to put forth a long-term budget or not get paid. Period.