LETTER: How can Hillary claim to care about American children?

Her policies encourage illegal immigrants and refugees to take our jobs for a lower wage while illegally benefiting from the system.

How closely are our children’s parents and grandparents, as well as our millennials of all races, watching and listening to what is happening in our country?

Hillary Clinton has degraded and shamed our young who can’t find jobs and be self-sufficient on their own.

She reminds them they have to live in the basements of their parents’ home because they can’t support themselves.

She is aware of why this is so.

It all started more than seven years ago when President [Barack] Obama’s “change” started.

The picture I see here is the fact that our young people’s future comes last, according to Hillary’s plan to keep the flow of refugees coming into our country.

Hillary’s policies encourage illegals and refugees to come on in and take jobs at lower wages while still illegally receiving entitlements.

I believe most of these people do not want to make higher wages because they would lose their free benefits, amounting to much more money for themselves and families.

How many of our U.S. citizens qualify for the benefits that the illegals and refugees qualify for?

Hillary knows this fact, but who cares?

Is this her example of being a caring woman, a mother and grandmother?

As long as our younger generation can live at home at their parents’ expense, and their parents continue to pay taxes to make it possible for the illegals and refugees to live for free, who cares?

Shirley Berg,