LETTER: Vote Jill Stein/Green Party as an alternative to two-party platform

Big-money and corporate interests profit by ignorance and apathy.

We must be fully informed to vote.

There are no equal time requirements imposed on the mainstream media, there can be no fair and informative debates under the rules imposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates and principled journalistic standards are no longer in evidence. Now we must do the homework ourselves.

The American public’s dissent is documented, as is the role played by an increasingly merging media.

It’s all focused on the bottom line and effectively controls where millions of dollars of media coverage goes — to the two major party candidates — with a minuscule percentage to third-party candidates.

Most important, a factual and informative discussion of the Green Party plan is presented at https://youtu.be/ZGIY2nf23sA.

Please visit www.jill2016.com for more information.

Compare what you thought was available in this election and whether you agree or disagree with what you hear in this broadcast. It will be time well-spent.

It is critical in this or any election to vote from conscience, not fear engendered by memes.

The power of our vote is the only power we have to ensure policies addressing the crises we face and to reclaim the freedoms sold by Democrat and Republican Party politicians for campaign funds from corporations and private interests (PACs), who have only profit in mind, not the health of our democracy.

To start addressing the issue of millions of dollars now flowing from corporate interests to finance campaigns, vote yes for I-735.

Joy Beaver,