LETTER: Vote Larson, DeWolf and Zempel for state Supreme Court justices

These candidates will bring the Constitution and checks and balances back to the fore at the state high court as opposed to partisanship.

Republicans stand for limited government in which all three branches of government operate within the bounds specified by the Constitution of the United States and the Washington State Constitution.

That is why the Washington State Republican Party unanimously endorsed Dave Larson, David DeWolf and Greg Zempel for justices on the state Supreme Court.

When the court oversteps those bounds and strays into legislative and executive branch functions by legislating and enforcing its actions on the other two branches, it of necessity becomes a political instrument and is no longer qualified to perform its original function.

Quoting Judge Larson: “Our state Supreme Court should be the most respected institution in our state government, unfortunately it’s become far too political and needs to return to being a respected defender of the law and constitution,” he said in his campaign announcement.

All currently sitting justices on the state Supreme Court are considered politically activist.

This means that when an overstepping decision comes out, we don’t even have the benefit of a dissenting opinion.

We need that dissenting voice.

Quoting current Kittitas County Prosecuting Attorney Greg Zempel: “It’s time to make our state Supreme Court less political and more predictable,” according to Zempel’s campaign literature.

Endorsed by Democrats and Republicans alike and by the Washington state and Clallam County Republican parties, Larson, Zempel and DeWolf deserve your vote and positions as justices of the state Supreme Court.

Donnie Hall,


Hall is a Republican Party precinct committee officer and a member of the Republican State Committee.