LETTER: Randy Johnson brings people together

Vote for him as Clallam County commissioner because he has a track record in working to make our community a better place.

I can’t vote for Randy Johnson in his run for Clallam County commissioner in District 2, but I wish I could.

Our county charter was changed last year so only voters in District 2 can vote for Randy.

Sorry, Sequim, Forks and most of west Port Angeles.

You are not in District 2.

Yet I expect the commissioner from District 2 to work on behalf of the entire county; every decision made will affect the entire county.

While not having previously held elected office, Randy has long been a part of Clallam County leadership, working to make our entire community more prosperous.

Randy is a conciliator, not a divisive figure.

I have worked with Randy for many years on nonprofit organizations and community affairs and can honestly say I did not know with which political party he was affiliated.

And that is a good thing.

County roads, land use, social services — these are not partisan issues.

These are local issues that define the quality of life in Clallam County.

Our commissioners probably cannot achieve world peace or solve global warming.

Randy is the candidate with the best experience in working locally to make our community a better place for everyone.

Randy’s quality campaign, always taking the high road, is a direct reflection of his years of public service.

I urge my friends who are eligible to vote in District 2 to vote for Randy Johnson.

John M. Calhoun,


Calhoun is a former Port of Port Angeles commissioner.