LETTER: Learn the ‘why’ before voting

Don’t simply take disparagements for facts. Learn the “truth” behind the accusations.

My challenge to the people of Port Angeles is one word: Why?

So many of us get caught up in disparaging Mr. Trump or Secretary Clinton, but few of us take the time to process why we disagree with a candidate.

Secretary Clinton is not crooked simply because Mr. Trump proclaims it, nor is Mr. Trump a racist simply because Secretary Clinton says he is.

Why shouldn’t a woman be president?

Why would trickle-down economics be a bad policy to implement?

Why is Secretary Clinton a “liar”?

Why doesn’t Mr. Trump release his tax returns?

In this election, these tough questions are for us.

People must decide for themselves why they feel, act or vote a certain way.

In this election cycle, nothing is normal.

The first woman was elected as the major party candidate.

Someone with no political experience is neck-and-neck with a former secretary of state.

Third parties are making headlines at 11 percent.

It’s easy to get caught up in one candidate and accept what they say, simply because they are the lesser of two evils.

Don’t settle for an idea if you don’t agree with it.

Question everything you hear.

Question everything you see.

Ask your world “Why?”

The presidential race needs those who ask.

Kate Haworth,

Port Angeles