LETTER: Don’t vote for Donald Trump this election

The Republican presidential candidate has made a mockery of American values and our political system.

The voting pamphlets all of you will receive will have a long list of candidates to choose from for our elected offices.

Most important, you must vote.

Do not let this election be decided by a minority of voters.

This and every election is too important.

Voting is our right and obligation.

But do not vote for Donald Trump.

The man has made a mockery of our election process and continues to incite the voters if he is not elected.

In July, he told The New York Times that he wouldn’t automatically come to the defense of a NATO ally.

He encouraged Russian espionage to interfere with our election at a news conference in Florida.

He resists religious nondiscrimination.

He challenges the legitimacy of American elections with statements that if he loses, it’s because there was cheating by the other side.

It’s as though his policy statements change daily.

He has no policies to make America a strong nation, only comments on how he will make it better.

He has no skills or temperament to be president.

We voters have an extensive list of qualified candidates to vote for, but not Donald Trump.

Frank Cimino,