LETTER: Don’t enslave yourself; vote Republican

The Democrats are hoping a carbon tax will bring Mother Nature to heel.

For thousands of years, civilizations prayed to different gods to control weather patterns.

Believing in a godly intervention, they sacrificed humans to the sun, performed rituals for rain and gave human characteristics to the seasons as deities to be worshipped.

Odysseus (in Homer’s “The Odyssey”) incurred the wrath of the king sea god Poseidon, who sabotaged his voyage with violent storms.

Today, Gov. Jay Inslee, believing in the divine intervention for controlling weather patterns, is worshipping a carbon tax (Initiative 732), believing that a carbon tax will bring Mother Nature to heel.

Possibly even controlling the wrath of Carbon King Millionaire Al Gore, who generated hysteria using a computer-generated image from the science fiction movie “The Day After Tomorrow” for “An Inconvenient Truth” where Antarctic ice shelves are imploding.

Don’t enslave yourself.

Vote Republican to include a vote for Michael Waite, state treasurer, an advocate for pensioners, working men and women.

Thank you for your consideration.

Edeltraut Sokol,

Port Townsend