LETTER: Ron Richards the best man for the job

His run as Clallam County commissioner will be marked by fiscal conservatism and adherence to integrity and the people.

I am working hard as co-campaign chair for Ron Richards’ candidacy for Clallam County commissioner because I am convinced that he is the best person for the job.

Ron has education and experience in engineering, business, law and government.

His engineering knowledge will help guide the commission in the complexities of various county infrastructure needs.

His experience in both large and small business ensure his understanding of the challenges of both county businesspeople and workers.

His law experience will enable him to understand the complexities inherent in the official duties of a commissioner.

He will use these assets, along with his fiscal conservatism, to make sure the Carlsborg sewer project, like the courthouse building that was completed during his previous term as commissioner, will be on time and on budget.

Ron is a person of unquestioned integrity whose only special interest is the people of Clallam County.

He is tireless in his determination to do everything possible to focus on county programs that will create and retain jobs, to promote a harmonious board of commissioners, to promote development with the environment in mind and to influence state and federal actions that can have so much impact on our community.

Betsy Robins,

Port Angeles