LETTER: A Ron Richards vote profits all citizens

The Clallam commissioner candidate, in addition to having a well-rounded background, will tackle issues affecting our quality of life.

I am an independent voter.

I do not belong to the Democratic Party, but I am working to get Ron Richards elected as Clallam County commissioner because I trust Ron to work hard for and with the people.

He is the rare candidate who listens and considers what you have to say, no matter your party or nonparty affiliation.

I don’t think we’ve ever had the opportunity to vote for a candidate with such an impressive and varied background — engineering, business management, legal practice, fisherman and former county commissioner.

This gives Ron a broad view of successful planning.

He is interested in moving the county forward in a manner that profits all the citizens, not just the business-as-usual interests.

Ron believes that economic development is dependent on sound infrastructure, a trained and capable workforce, and a willingness to move away from business models that worked 30 to 40 years ago.

Ron has been involved in public interest groups.

He will tackle the issues affecting our quality of life.

These include the lack of living-wage jobs, drug addiction, homelessness and access to health care.

Ron will protect our environment.

He understands the monetary importance and the unique beauty of our natural assets.

Chasing the dollar at the expense of our natural resources will surely impoverish the region even more.

Ron believes we should all share in the value of our timber, fisheries and tourist attractions.

Vote by Nov. 8 and mark Ron Richards on your ballot.

Janet Marx,

Port Angeles