LETTER: I trust Ron Richards with my future

The Clallam commissioner candidate is much more independent and free of ties than Randy Johnson purports to be.

My dad convinced me at an early age that if I don’t vote, I don’t count.

He further cautioned to question a candidate’s claims because talk is cheap and verifiable performance is what counts.

This is especially true today when internet and media fantasy can trump people’s perception of reality.

The rhetoric from one Clallam County commissioner candidate, Randy Johnson, certainly supports Dad’s wisdom.

Fortunately, we have the state Public Disclosure Commission to separate fact from fiction.

The PDC data shows that Johnson has personally contributed more than $20,000 to various political people and organizations.

Nine of $10 has gone to support one party.

This is an independent candidate?

He further claims to be the only candidate to have been the final decision-maker — albeit in a single business.

But his opponent, at significant financial and personal risk, makes the final decision every day on where to take his fishing boat, from the Columbia River to the Gulf of Alaska.

Since verifiable actions speak much louder than words, I support the commissioner candidate who presents himself honestly; who has support from people I know of all political persuasions; whose resume includes having been a Clallam County commissioner and deputy prosecuting attorney; whose business experience includes being the founder of a large energy company to the sole proprietor of a commercial fishing boat; who is experienced in business, contract and municipal law; and who has been an inventive chemical engineer.

That candidate is Ron Richards.

I trust him with our future.

Bill Atkinson,

Port Angeles