LETTER: A ‘Fox News pox’ has infected Hillary haters

The Obama administration inherited a war based on lies and a terrorist group that spawned from it. Why aren’t we more angry over that?

I don’t want to hear another thing about Benghazi.

I’m sick of this.

Good friends, red-faced, angry, have said, “Hillary let people die!”

These folks don’t even watch TV.

Yet they’re infected with the Fox News pox that’s infecting America.

Why are we even in Libya, Iraq, the Middle East?

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney trumped up a war based entirely on lies and fabrications with a country that couldn’t have attacked us if it tried.

Iraq is more than 7,000 miles from America.

Their scud missiles could barely make a 250-mile flight to Israel.

Bush and Cheney sent our young men and women to fight and die there — 4,500 Americans dead, thousands more maimed for life — for their lies.

Why aren’t we angry over that?

Another lie Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Rumsfeld & Co. told us all.

The entire mess, Syria and Libya included, is a product of Cheney’s and Bush’s war of deceit.

ISIS recruits mainly have come from … can you guess?

No, it’s not America or France, etc.

The majority by far of ISIS’s suicide-mission soldiers are Iraqis.

Who’d have thought?

ISIS didn’t even exist before the U.S. invaded Iraq and was born in the cauldron of that crime.

Cheney and Bush are responsible for the hatred toward the U.S. that birthed ISIS.

Not President Obama, certainly not Hillary Clinton.

Obama inherited this mess, as did we all — one of Bush’s and Cheney’s multiple gifts to all Americans.

There is one American, however, that ISIS fears.

Tom LaRue,