LETTER: Reject demagoguery and vote for Bill Bryant

The Republican candidate for governor has shown courage in rejecting the fear-mongering of Trumpism.

I will vote for Bill Bryant for governor.

He is an able candidate, and I support him as a Republican who has shown courage rejecting Donald Trump.

Other Republicans have also publicly said no to Trumpism through their sense of decency, civilized values and attention to history.

The extremists, of course, will attack them with a vengeance.

Some 75 years ago, my father, uncles and older cousins left home and joined in the terrible struggle to put out the fires ignited by Hitler, Mussolini and others.

Now we see Trumpism trying to reignite the same fires — this time in our own country.

The real Trump emerged in the primaries, feeding those old embers with fear and division, hatred, arrogance and lies.

Hitler and Mussolini made the same promises to shake things up and bring back greatness.

History shows us where that well-beaten path ends.

It is time for the people of goodwill to set aside narrow political party agendas and rationally deal with the real problems we face as a nation.

Reject demagoguery.

Doug Holst,

Port Angeles