LETTER: What do dictatorships have in common? Declaring the press an enemy of the people

I am a very old woman who has lived through three dictatorships during my long life.

One of the things done by each of these governments was to declare that the press was the enemy of the people.

Only positive propaganda was allowed.

Do you, as the populace of a democracy, want that scenario to play out in our homes and on our radios, televisions and in our newspapers?

For that matter, do you wish to see this attack proceed in our emails and tweets?

It has been said by great minds of the past that if we do not wish to repeat mistakes of the past, it might be wise to study that past: history.

Libraries can be quite handy.

God bless America, a great, beautiful country that I am trying very hard to leave intact to my grand- and great-grandchildren.

My best to all who read this.

Dorothea Marie Antoinette Morgan,

Port Angeles