Letters to the Editor

LETTER: I agree that Malkin’s column is so vitriolic, it defies reading

I am writing in support of the letter in Peninsula Voices on Feb. 19 titled “Malkin critic.” It was a letter I wish I had… Continue reading

LETTER: Liberals so busy making fun of Trump, they forgot about themselves

I think it’s fair that “Saturday Night Live” makes fun of President Donald Trump and Republicans, since Hollywood’s liberal elites spend the rest of the… Continue reading

LETTER: More important than ever to realize compromise is the ultimate goal

The framers of our Constitution were really brilliant when they started with the equal branches of government, not just three branches but branches that are… Continue reading

LETTER: Supreme Court only supreme in its authority, not its judgment

Courts have the task of making judgments that interpret the law. The U.S. Supreme Court has final authority in making these judgments. In many legal… Continue reading

LETTER: Needle exchange programs perpetuates needless tragedy

The article in the Feb. 27 Peninsula Daily News, “Official Highlights Needle Exchange, Testing,” said that 400 people in Clallam County are using the needle… Continue reading

LETTERS: Port of Port Angeles leaders need to change or leave

I want to fire the Port of Port Angeles. We need to build a hotel and conference center where PenPly was and welcome cruise ships… Continue reading

LETTER: A modest proposal to help save the environment

Since last year’s election, I have grown weary of the protesting and demonstrating by various groups that can’t seem to articulate their purpose or propose… Continue reading

LETTER: Conservatives, are you tired yet of the immature snake-oil salesman you elected?

So, conservatives, are you tired yet? Tired of the spoiled, immature brat who grew up into a bully and whom you elected? Tired of Donald… Continue reading

LETTER: I’m pinning my hopes on Trump, not the divisions in our country

At election time, there is always a call to unify our country. I believe that call is impossible to attain. We are divided politically, religiously… Continue reading

LETTER: Kudos to Legislature for taking/wasting time choosing state cryptid

I read with interest Peninsula Daily News columnist Pat Neal’s Feb 22 column [“Will Sasquatch Ascend Cryptid Throne?”] about the effort in Olympia to have… Continue reading

LETTER: Derangement disorder has affected discontent Democrats

The self-proclaimed party of diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness has been on full display since its crushing defeat in November. Republican wins in the House, Senate… Continue reading

LETTER: In face of stepped-up immigration enforcement, here’s what you can do

Our current president has promised to step up enforcement and increase deportations. What can we do? We can call Jefferson County Sheriff David Stanko at… Continue reading

LETTER: ‘Laugh Lines’ content perpetuates hate, discontent

Tired of political nastiness by late-night hosts as the PDN’s “go-to” Laugh Lines content [daily on Page A2]. Please find something actually funny. It is… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump deems media ‘the enemy of the American people’

I had been working on a wanted poster for the repudiation and intimidation of the judges that blocked President Trump’s immigration ban. I know it… Continue reading

LETTER: Get rid of hate-filled columnist Michelle Malkin

I enjoy reading most of the columns in the Peninsula Daily News. However, I was disappointed and disgusted that the PDN would run such a… Continue reading

LETTER: Impreach Trump to restore the integrity of our nation, presidency

How were you raised? Ever get your mouth washed out with soap for lying? Spend time in the principal’s office for bullying other students? Were… Continue reading

LETTER: Kudos to Port Angeles for success of combined sewer overflow project

Thanks to the city of Port Angeles and its partners. During the recent heavy rain-on-snow event, no overflows of combined stormwater and sewage were released… Continue reading

LETTER: True immigrants go through the process of citizenship

My great-grandparents applied for citizenship, fulfilled all the requirements and were accepted as citizens of the United States. They were true immigrants. They learned English… Continue reading

LETTER: Salmon derbies do more harm than good nowadays

Salmon derbies do more harm than good. Salmon derbies used to be get-togethers with local fishermen. Not anymore. Over the years, regulations have been imposed… Continue reading