Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Gary Johnson my kind of candidate

The Libertarian presidential nominee has much more to offer than his opponents, especially in terms of the eternal kingdom.

LETTER: Here’s hoping for return to reason on timber issues

Ron Richards, a hopeful for Clallam commissioner, has less conflict of interest than his opponent.

LETTER: I won’t vote for GOP office-seekers who refuse to vote for Trump

I’ve written each Republican candidate a letter informing them of this.

LETTER: If you like the way things are going in this country, vote Democrat

They want to impose taxes, ban or take back guns and decide the future of your health care.

LETTER: Randy Johnson would offer fresh perspective to Clallam politics

Vote for him over his opponent for county commissioner.

LETTER: Those without sin should cast the first stone about Trump’s comments

Lyndon B. Johnson was deragotory about minorities but signed into law the Civil Rights Act. Should he not have been president?

LETTER: Vote Dave Neupert for a better way for our county

The Clallam Superior Court hopeful sees a positive way to improve on our community.

LETTER: Vote Hillary Clinton for a strong female president

She’s right on her proposed measures for education, equal pay and immigration reform.

LETTER: Vote Randy Johnson for a fresh take on old issues

His opponent for Clallam commissioner, Ron Richards, is entrenched in the old binary mind-set of politics and policies.

LETTER: We support Randy Johnson for Clallam commissioner

As neighbors, he and his wife have displayed a commitment to community that we find intriguing and vital to the role of official.

LETTER: We’re at a true tipping point with Trump’s vitriolic statements

To those who listen to his venom-filled comments on the election supposedly being rigged, please let democracy work, not runaway hatred and suspicion.

LETTER: We’re reaping the ‘rewards’ of a broken education system

The rise in conspiracies and the rantings of Donald Trump are in direct proportion to the travesty of a system.

LETTER: Vote Randy Johnson for his business acumen, enriching participation

The Clallam commissioner hopeful impressed me during my stint at the Port of Port Angeles.

LETTER: Vote Ron Richards for Clallam commissioner, a ‘real’ candidate

His opponent’s vagueness on important issues and partisan interests serve as a big risk if he is elected.

LETTER: Vote yes on extreme-risk protection order initiative

The common-sense measure has been endorsed by those from all walks of life.

LETTER: Reject extreme-risk protection order initiative

The measure, I-1491, gives no due process of law. What about “innocent until proven guilty”?

LETTER: What is sexism?

So, is Donald Trump a sexist? Hardly.

LETTER: Clinton needs look no further than herself for a ‘deplorable’

Her inaction on Benghazi was among a handful of incidents that makes her a “deplorable,” not Republicans.

LETTER: Shame on Mike Pence for his support of Trump’s immorality

The Indiana governor snubs the biblical direction to “flee from sexual immorality” and throws his own integrity under the bus.

LETTER: Vote for Initiative 735 to get big money out of politics

The measure calls for a repeal of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.