LETTER: How can you criticize Michelle Malkin if you don’t read her column?

I was amused by a recent letter to Peninsula Voices [“Malkin negative,” March 3] criticizing comments by conservative Friday columnist Michelle Malkin.

In the letter, the writer describes her writings as “hate-filled,” “vitriolic” and “angry,” and asks the Peninsula Daily News to no longer carry her weekly columns.

This writer admits to never reading Ms. Malkin’s writings because they are filled with “negativity,” are “divisive” and are “unkind.”

How can this writer be so critical of a columnist she has not taken the time to even read but has found time to write the PDN criticizing Ms. Malkin?

I believe too many people today are heavily influenced by the opinions of others without ever taking the time to read and think for themselves.

Todd Martin,

Port Angeles