Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Here’s my strong support for removing Michelle Malkin’s over-the-top Friday column

Conservative Peninsula Daily News columnist Michelle Malkin, whose column is featured every Friday in the Peninsula Daily News, is making a good living by fanning… Continue reading

LETTER: Kilmer missed an opportunity to be part of the solution, not the problem

The March 8 Peninsula Daily News’ front page article, “Kilmer Draws A Crowd For Town Hall Meeting” says it was the fourth town hall gathering… Continue reading

LETTER: Michelle Malkin critics seek to stifle free speech

Ah, yet another call for Peninsula Daily News Friday columnist Michelle Malkin’s head [“Remove Malkin,” March 9 Peninsula Voices). I suspect Malkin effectively touches a… Continue reading

LETTER: What do dictatorships have in common? Declaring the press an enemy of the people

I am a very old woman who has lived through three dictatorships during my long life. One of the things done by each of these… Continue reading

LETTER: Grass-roots effort to extend halibut fishing season has bounty of backing

It’s time to give credit where credit is due. The recent effort that has come together to seek more fishing days for the upcoming halibut… Continue reading

LETTER: Pay attention to images as much as words in articles

I need to reach out regarding the photo on the front page of the March 7 Peninsula Daily News [“Firm Details Timber Harvest for Clallam”].… Continue reading

LETTER: How can you criticize Michelle Malkin if you don’t read her column?

I was amused by a recent letter to Peninsula Voices [“Malkin negative,” March 3] criticizing comments by conservative Friday columnist Michelle Malkin. In the letter,… Continue reading

LETTER: Surely there must be a better conservative option than Michelle Malkin

My husband and I would like to add our support to the other critics of PDN Friday columnist Michelle Malkin. We also feel that she… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump’s recognition of Navy SEAL’s widow was meaningful

I have been overwhelmed with emotion since President Donald Trump’s recent address to Congress and our nation. I was in the Army Nurse Corps during… Continue reading

LETTER: New administration enjoys tearing apart immigrant families

It is difficult to imagine the joy being experienced by our new white nationalist administration as it begins to dismember Hispanic families. Adults who came… Continue reading

LETTER: Response to missing man seems highly inadequate

My sincere sympathy goes to Richard Jones of Sequim, who was missing for almost five days recently [“Driver Survives Five Days Trapped In Car,” Feb.… Continue reading

LETTER: Kilmer needs to take notes on what does, doesn’t work

U.S. 6th District Rep. Derek Kilmer is facing town hall meetings packed with constituents. Kilmer is the vice-chair within the New Democratic Coalition. Founded in… Continue reading

LETTER: PDN Laugh Lines are not funny

I have to agree with the Feb. 2 letter writer [“Laugh Lines”] who complained that the Peninsula Daily News’ recent “Laugh Lines” snippets [daily on… Continue reading

LETTER: Why isn’t PDN covering Planned Parenthood supporters?

I am surprised that the Peninsula Daily has not covered an event happening in our beautiful town of Port Angeles. A group of our concerned… Continue reading

LETTER: I’ve self-identified as many things; now, liberal want to pigeonhole me

My first cultural identity was in 1948. I was born a baby boomer. My first self-identity was in the mid-1950s. I wanted to be like… Continue reading

LETTER: Many factors to consider when weighing in on Port of Port Angeles property

In reference to the Feb. 28 letter to the editor [“Port critic”] from the person who wants to fire the Port of Port Angeles: The… Continue reading

LETTER: Port Angeles Boat Haven’s deterioration a black eye on this community

My wife and I moved to Port Angeles in 1964. At that time, this was a vibrant, beautiful city, with all the logging and fishing… Continue reading

LETTER: Republicans have manufactured Social Security crisis to avoid repayment of debt

There is no Social Security crisis. Republicans are simply manufacturing a crisis to avoid repayment of $2.8 trillion in U.S. government bonds held by Social… Continue reading

LETTER: Trump’s ‘promises’ don’t seem to be leading to a greater tomorrow

How is Donald Trump keeping his promises to a middle class furious at an economy rigged against them? After promising to repeal and replace the… Continue reading

LETTER: What will new order mean when Port Angeles votes on second-class-city status?

Americans are witnessing a fundamental shift in how our government governs. From successful use of the general election process, a small group of conservative idealists… Continue reading