Letters to the Editor

LETTER: We need Ron Richards, a candidate who can see the diversity in government

The Clallam commissioner hopeful can break us out of the status quo and into a better future.

LETTER: What has Randy Johnson does for me?

I support Ron Richards for Clallam commissioner because I see him all around town working to do some good.

LETTER: A vote for Danille Turissini is a vote for the people

The state Senate candidate is running for you, not against her opponent.

LETTER: After election, we need to concentrate on coming together

We need to make it crystal clear that only following the party line is unacceptable and divisive.

LETTER: Brian Coughenour an oustanding candidate for Clallam Superior Court

His well-rounded accomplishments and empathy are unparalleled. I urge voters to vote for him.

LETTER: Carbon tax initiative will save you in the short term, long run

Starting next year, I-732 would place a $15-per-ton tax on fossil fuels and provide $1,500 for low-income working families.

LETTER: Common sense gun laws? Since when have criminals obeyed laws?

Just look at recent stories in the Peninsula Daily News and Chicago Tribune.

LETTER: I stand by my man, Donald Trump

But Hillary Clinton and I are quite different in how we do that.

LETTER: Media hype of Oct. 8 storms shows media at its worst

It’s indicative of the press’ handling of global warming, too.

LETTER: Trump, GOP the party of lies and misdirection

Trump’s scorched-earth campaign is an extension of the Republican Party’s strategy over the past decade of obstructionism.

LETTER: We need to know where lawmakers stand on Trans-Pacific Partnership

It’s impossible to balance the federal budget with cumulative trade deficits of $9 trillion as a drag on the economy.

LETTER: A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for values, not the lesser of two evils

The Green Party candidate has taken no money from Wall Street and supports many of the platforms Bernie Sanders did.

LETTER: We support Randy Johnson for Clallam commissioner

His reputation and values make him a fine candidate for the office.

LETTER: Danille Turissini a fine choice for state Senate

The “independent GOP” candidate agrees with me on two vital things: transgenders in restrooms and no to a state income tax.

LETTER: Dave Neupert integrity, court decisions above reproach

His just rulings make him supremely well-qualified to join Clallam Superior Court.

LETTER: Initiative 1491 would violate due process

The extreme-risk protection order measure would allow ex-parte hearings that benefit only one person: the accuser.

LETTER: Pro-Ron Richards letters push wishful thinking over substantive arguments

Thinking in partisan terms is certainly easier than seeing the complexities of a campaign.

LETTER: Randy Johnson will bring fresh ideas, perspective to county government

The Clallam commissioner candidate has a better approach than his challenger, Ron Richards.

LETTER: This election may be our last chance to save our country

You may not like our choices, but a Trump win will ensure America’s greatness.

LETTER: We can’t afford not to vote this November

I say enough is enough due to legislative inaction on gun violence since the Sandy Hook shootings.