LETTER: Grass-roots effort to extend halibut fishing season has bounty of backing

It’s time to give credit where credit is due.

The recent effort that has come together to seek more fishing days for the upcoming halibut season just might have a chance of succeeding.

I have come to appreciate this grass-roots effort.

The deck is stacked against this by having to overcome a bureaucracy that does not give much credence to recreational fishermen.

Then came Norm Metzler, past president of the Port Angeles Salmon Club.

Norm initiated the conversation, moved it forward, gaining strength and momentum.

He has prompted public support to grow for this cause in our city council, the Port of Port Angeles and Clallam County commissioners.

Port Angeles City Council members Cherie Kidd and Lee Whetham took the baton and pushed it to the next level.

All players are on the same page.

That in itself is rare.

Now our state representatives have signed on.

They have a direct line to the decision-makers.

As of yet, no decision has been handed down, but we have their attention.

As Norm steadfastly stays the course, we are also fortunate to have Port Angeles Salmon Club member Dave Croonquist as a liaison and conduit to the commissioners, who are the governing bodies.

His knowledge is unsurpassed, and his ability to communicate in detail and educate the common folks is simply a godsend.

He does not have to do what he does.

The Port Angeles Salmon Club, which has a rich history in our neighborhood since 1934, provides the necessary house for documentation and financial recording of the activities.

All this and more gives us hope.

Please feel free to support this effort.

The North Olympic Peninsula benefits in more ways than space allows here to describe.

Thanks, Norm.

Next up, salmon.

Robert A. Beausoleil,

Port Angeles