LETTER: Clallam Superior Court hopeful Dave Neupert claims a veterans court is needed. Why?

If you know the facts about veterans therapeutic courts, you wonder why Clallam County District Court Judge Rick Porter is passionately advocating his friend Dave Neupert’s election as Superior Court judge so he can set up a veterans court.

Why doesn’t he do it himself?

Based upon what I have been able to find out, there are eight counties with veterans courts in Washington state.

In five out of eight of those counties, they are in District Court and not Superior Court.

Very few veterans commit crimes that require filing in Superior Court.

There are way more misdemeanors committed than felonies.

Veterans might well benefit from a special court that deals with District Court misdemeanors.

But here in Clallam County, I believe there are very, very few veterans committing felony crimes that could justify the amount of money it would take to create another separate court.

Mr. Neupert does not provide any numbers to support his position.

Clallam County Superior Court Judge Christopher Melly suggested during his campaign for judge that a veterans therapeutic court within Superior Court should be explored.

And yet, upon his appointment to the bench, he determined that between the small number of veterans accused of felony crimes and the existing resources of the Superior Court drug and mental health courts, an additional therapeutic court was not a wise use of judicial resources.

Stop using veterans to push your agenda, Mr. Neupert.

Paul Hornberger,

Port Angeles