LETTER: Trump self-proves he’s unfit to command our nation

Reputation, goes a favorite quote, is what others say about a person, but character is what a person does when no one is watching.

Americans now know enough, as does half the rest of the world, to know the true character of the man Donald J. Trump — caught on tape and film reel again and again.

The vulgar, domineering, crude, insulting and degrading behavior.

The real Donald Trump, not the phony persona put-on, used to persuade and manipulate others.

No men I know or have been friends with would do or talk like this.

Trump boasted of forcing himself onto unwilling, even married women.

In graphic and the crudest detail.

In his own voice.

Regular men do enjoy women and are attracted to them in all the ways nature devised, as women do and are toward men.

But this is not normal.

And no man I’ve ever known would behave like this.

I’m tired of listening to endless equivocating and conflating from some few, dead-wrong mouthpieces.

Consensual, extramarital adult relations are not the same as sexual predation and assault.


Trump is not only an ignorant, arrogant man; he has self-proven he’s a bigot, and now, a serial sexual “gropist.”

I can’t comprehend evangelical Christians supporting Trump.

So Jesus Christ would personally tour with Trump and attend Trump rallies?


Christ himself, along with kindly Catholic Pope Francis, would find this man so offensive, they’d wholeheartedly tour on behalf of Mrs. Clinton.

Trump suggests violence and discord if the election doesn’t go his way, rather than losing gracefully and promoting civility.

More than any candidate our country has ever seen, Donald J. Trump is superbly and incontestably unfit for command.

Tom LaRue,