LETTER: I feel safer now that Trump is in office, reign of Obama is over

Feel safer now

I didn’t think it could get any worse than the Clintons’ scandals, but that was before the eight years of Obama. It was a nightmare.

Obama didn’t tell the truth about Obamacare or much of anything else, and he won’t even say “Islamic extremists” despite them repeatedly attacking us.

It seemed like everything was either George Bush’s fault or some policeman’s. Black suspects whom he heard about were victims of police overreaction and policemen “acted stupidly.”

My husband is a retired police officer, and my son is one now, so you can understand that I took Obama’s badmouthing policemen personally.

I kept waiting for the mainstream press to point out he was wrong. But they were too busy ignoring the truth and repeating the lies.

And they’re worried about false news? Obama even had members of Black Lives Matter to the White House despite them marching in the streets calling for the murder of police officers.

No wonder that even though Donald Trump isn’t president yet, I feel much safer. I was very happy when the “American Moses,” as Time magazine called Hillary Clinton, failed in her effort to part the Red Sea and got buried under it instead.

Now Rachael Maddow seems to be unraveling on TV; I expect an intervention for her any day now.

Hopefully this election has ended the stranglehold political correctness had. Now my four grandchildren can go into a public restroom without me worrying about what they’ll see inside.