LETTER: Sarcastic letter reminds me why I didn’t reach out post-election

Foolishly, I was swayed by those letters to the editor asking us to come together now that the election is over.

We are all Americans, after all, and there’s truth to the old adage that united we stand, divided we fall.

But, after reading Clallam County Republican Party Chairman Dick Pilling’s Dec. 4 letter, “Thanks, Obama,” I remembered why I didn’t reach out.

A clearer call to the other side to fight with all their hearts couldn’t have been any louder if Pilling had shouted it from the mountaintops.

Rubbing salt into a wound so fresh with such biting sarcasm is a virtual guarantee we won’t be coming together anytime soon.

You think progressives and liberals don’t have any power, Republicans?

Think again.

Hillary Clinton got 2.5 million more legal votes than your guy did despite whatever fake news says on Facebook or Twitter.

The problem with the fight, fight, fight plan is that it will not engender anyone to understand the other’s position, no matter how hard they work, and not listening to each other was how we got here in the first place.

So, hey, way to go uniting our country, Mr. Republican.

Kath Laney,

Port Angeles