LETTER: Port Townsend speaker betrays cultural streak of left to suppress free speech

The intellectual shallowness of Zhaleh Almaee Weinblatt of the Mandala Center for Change of Port Townsend shows through as she is trying to affix labels of hate to Americans who voted for President-elect Donald Trump [“Port Townsend Group Talks About Rallying Community,” Nov. 28 PDN].

She betrays a frightening cultural streak from the left to suppress political speech.

Her hostility and age-old intimidation tactics are obvious in her statement, “The hate is coming and we have to put ourselves in front of it and love it.”


What could she possibly mean?

As a self-described Iranian-American Jewish person, could she possibly mean Kristallnacht is imminent?

Is Ms. Weinblatt aware that Trump’s daughter, Trump’s grandchildren and his son-in-law are orthodox Jews?

Begs the question whose hate, what hate and hate coming from where will Ms. Weinblatt actually plant herself in front of, and will Ms. Weinblatt then profess to love it?

The hate she talks about has surely been coming from the left with violent anti-Trump protests across America.

I walked through their spittle of hate at a Trump rally here in Washington state.

A courageous rabbi planted himself in front of the hate and kept saying, “Don’t engage. Ignore the trolls.”

The left doesn’t want competition; they mean to silence its competitors by suppressing speech and intimidate political enemies, even going so far, according to WikiLeaks, as paying hoodlums to encourage violence at Trump rallies (http://tinyurl.com/PDN-Agitators).

Mob activism is a tactic of the left and should never be considered free speech, and conservatives must reject it outright and emphatically.

Edeltraut Sokol,

Port Townsend